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Survival in cerebro-rhino-orbital zygomycosis and cavernous sinus thrombosis with combined therapy.

An alcoholic man with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus had right conjunctivitis, facial numbness, and periorbital edema progressing to bilateral visual loss, and left ptosis in association with a large necrotic palatal ulcer due to zygomycosis. The infection progressed to bilateral retinal vein engorgement; left-sided ophthalmoplegia, fixed dilated pupil, and absent corneal reflex; and right-sided ophthalmoplegia, ptosis, and facial nerve paralysis. Work-up revealed disease of both ethmoid sinuses and the right maxillary sinus, with bilateral thromboses of the cavernous sinuses. An aggressive combined therapeutic attack (three Caldwell-Luc procedures, exploration of orbit walls, control of diabetes, systemic and local amphotericin therapy) led to survival with a three-year follow-up thus far.[1]


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