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Molecular cloning of complementary DNA to Newcastle disease virus, and nucleotide sequence analysis of the junction between the genes encoding the haemagglutinin-neuraminidase and the large protein.

Complementary DNA clones to 90% of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) genome have been produced and mapped. These clones cover the entire HN, F and M genes, most if not all of the L gene and parts of the NP and P genes. The map of overlapping clones gives the gene order 3'-NP-P-M-F-HN-L-5' for NDV, identical to the gene order of Sendai virus, on the assumption that the NP gene of NDV is at the 3' end of the genome as previously suggested by inactivation of NDV transcription by u.v. light. The nucleotide sequence of 453 bases covering the junction between the HN and L genes has been determined. There is nucleotide sequence homology to the consensus polyadenylation and mRNA start sites of Sendai virus and vesicular stomatitis virus. The deduced amino acid sequence of the C terminus of the HN protein of NDV shows homology to the C-terminal amino acid sequences of the HN proteins of simian virus 5 and Sendai virus. An explanation for the presence of HN0, the precursor to HN in some strains of NDV, is suggested by the presence of a long non-coding region at the 3' terminus of the mRNA encoding the HN protein of NDV that could, by mutation, allow synthesis of a larger polypeptide.[1]


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