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Splenic vein thrombosis as a consequence of chronic pancreatitis: a study of three cases.

Splenic vein obstruction was found in three patients with chronic pancreatitis. All had suffered epigastric pain, but no specific findings which suggested obstruction of the splenic vein were evident on physical or laboratory examinations. Enlarged pancreatic contour with calculi and pseudocyst formation were observed by CAT scan in all three cases. Gastric varices were found in two patients who had episodes of gastric bleeding. The splenic vein was shown to be occluded in two patients in the venous phase of celiac angiography and was entirely nonvisualized by percutaneous portography in the third case. The first patient underwent elective surgery, while the second patient had emergency surgery due to intraabdominal abscess formation with gastric bleeding. The surgical procedure in both patients was splenectomy coupled with distal pancreatectomy. Thrombus formation was confirmed by venous dissection at surgery.[1]


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