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Methylation of the Hprt gene on the inactive X occurs after chromosome inactivation.

DNA sequences have previously been identified in the first intron of the mouse Hprt gene that are methylated on the inactive but not the active X chromosome. The temporal relationship between methylation of these sequences and X-inactivation was studied in teratocarcinoma cells and postimplantation mouse embryos: the sequences are unmethylated prior to X-inactivation and do not become methylated on the inactive X in most fetal cells until several days postinactivation. Such inactive X-specific methylation occurs in a significantly smaller proportion of the cells in the extra-embryonic tissues, yolk sac mesoderm and endoderm, than in the fetus. These data suggest that the inactive X-specific methylation of sequences such as those in the first intron of the Hprt gene does not play any role in the primary events of X-inactivation, but may function as part of a secondary, tissue-specific mechanism for maintaining the inactive state.[1]


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