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Effects of flunixin meglumine on blood pressure and fluid compartment volume changes in ponies given endotoxin.

A study was conducted to determine whether body fluids undergo a net shift from one compartment to another during endotoxin-induced shock in the pony, and whether flunixin meglumine alters these endotoxin-induced changes in the volumes of body fluid compartments. Total blood, RBC, and plasma volumes were determined, using 51Cr-labeled RBC and PCV that were corrected for trapped plasma. Total body water was measured by distribution of 3HOH. Arterial blood pressure was measured directly, using a blood pressure transducer. Treatment (flunixin meglumine, 1.1 mg/kg of body weight) was given to 6 of the 12 ponies 1 minute before an IV injection of Escherichia coli endotoxin (100 micrograms/kg of body weight, LD100). The PCV and RBC volume increased in both groups; however, the hemoconcentration was less in flunixin meglumine-treated ponies. In nontreated ponies, total blood volume and plasma volume decreased significantly during the first hour after endotoxin administration. In treated ponies, total blood volume did not vary significantly, and plasma volume decreased only slightly. In both groups, the increase in PCV was apparently due to splenic contraction, which increased the number of circulating RBC. Hemoconcentration was further increased in nontreated ponies by the loss of plasma into the interstitial space. Flunixin meglumine reduced plasma loss, minimized hemoconcentration, and maintained normal blood volume. Total body water remained constant in treated and nontreated ponies.[1]


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