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Plasma Volume

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  • CONCLUSIONS: The reduction of plasma renin activity, plasma aldosterone, and arginine vasopressin occurred earlier than the reduction of plasma volume and atrial natriuretic peptide after HeartMate implantation, possibly because of decreased pulmonary congestion and improved renal perfusion [34].
  • Gel filtration of human platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on columns of Sepharose 2B removed at least 99.85% of the plasma proteins from platelets when a column 10 cm in height was used and a plasma volume 11 to 14% of the gel-bed volume was applied [35].
  • METHODS: Plasma volume and fluid regulatory hormones were measured in eight HTRs (57+/-6 years old) both before and after treatment with captopril (225 mg/day) [36].
  • In both patients, the activity of vWF-cleaving protease after the first plasmapheresis session was evaluated and was found to be virtually identical to anticipated activity calculated from predicted patient plasma volume and volume of exchanged plasma [37].
  • Apheresis of 125% of the calculated plasma volume decreased plasma LDL-cholesterol by 69% to 0.9 +/- 0.2 mmol/l, with significant increases in plasma MVA and L/C ratio on the day after the procedure [38].


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