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Biosynthesis of heparin. Effects of n-butyrate on cultured mast cells.

Murine mastocytoma cells were incubated in vitro with inorganic [35S]sulfate, in the absence or presence of 2.5 mM n-butyrate, and labeled heparin was isolated. The polysaccharide produced in the presence of butyrate showed a lower charge density on anion exchange chromatography than did the control material and a 3-fold increased proportion (54 versus 17% for the control) of components with high affinity for antithrombin. Structural analysis of heparin labeled with [3H] glucosamine in the presence of butyrate showed that approximately 35% of the glucosamine units were N-acetylated, as compared to approximately 10% in the control material; the nonacetylated glucosamine residues were N-sulfated. The presence of butyrate thus leads to an inhibition of the N-deacetylation/N-sulfation process in heparin biosynthesis, along with an augmented formation of molecules with high affinity for antithrombin. Preincubation of the mastocytoma cells with butyrate was required for manifestation of either effect; when the preincubation period was reduced from 24 to 10 h the effects of butyrate were no longer observed. Assays for microsomal N-acetylheparosan deacetylase activity failed to show any significant inhibition of the enzyme at butyrate concentrations well above those found to affect heparin biosynthesis in intact mastocytoma cells. Moreover, a polysaccharide formed on incubating mastocytoma microsomal fraction with UDP-[3H]glucuronic acid, UDP-N-acetylglucosamine, and 3'-phosphoadenylylsulfate in the presence of 5 mM butyrate showed the same N-acetyl/N-sulfate ratio as did the corresponding control polysaccharide, produced in the absence of butyrate. These findings suggest that the effect of butyrate on heparin biosynthesis depends on the integrity of the cell.[1]


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