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Effect of culture medium composition on pheromone receptor levels in Achlya ambisexualis.

Sexual reproduction in the eukaryotic fungi Achlya is controlled by two steroid pheromones. Antheridiol is the steroid released by female cells that induces male sexual differentiation. The antheridiol-induced response of male cells has been shown to be influenced by the composition of the culture medium. The present study was designed to determine if the composition of the culture media might also affect the levels of antheridiol binding protein in the cytosol of male cells. The mycelial content of cytosolic steroid pheromone binding sites in Achlya ambisexualis E87 males was measured at daily intervals during 6 days of suspension culture in media containing different nitrogen sources. Levels of binding sits increased during the first 2 days in culture to a plateau that was maintained for the next 2-3 days. During the first 3 days in culture, levels were much lower in mycelia cultured in an enriched medium containing lactalbumin hydrolysate compared to mycelia cultured in defined media containing glutamic acid as the nitrogen source. The level of binding sites increased rapidly when mycelia were transferred from an enriched medium to a nutrient-free salt solution and decreased when mycelia were transferred from a defined to an enriched medium. The relative differences in cytosolic binding measured by in vitro radioligand saturation analysis were confirmed by in vivo uptake studies. It is concluded that the mycelial content of antheridiol binding sites can be experimentally manipulated by variations in the composition of the culture medium and/or the time period of incubation in the medium.[1]


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