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Etiology of the negative chronotropic responses to transient coronary artery occlusion in the anesthetized rhesus monkey.

Etiology of the negative chronotropic response to coronary artery occlusion was studied in chloralose-anesthetized monkeys. One-minute occlusion of the circumflex (CIRC) coronary artery resulted in marked negative chronotropic responses and consistent alterations in atrial electrograms. These responses were dependent on interruption of flow to a small proximal CIRC branch, and postmortem examination revealed that it perfused the sinus node region. The negative chronotropic response was not dependent on any apparent neural reflexes because it was not affected by autonomic blockade. Coronary artery occlusion in anesthetized monkeys can result in significant decreases in heart rate and changes in atrial electrical activity when flow to the pacemaker region is interrupted. We suggest that (1) rhesus monkeys may be suitable for study of the sick sinus syndrome, and (2) atropine-resistant bradycardia and atrial arrhythmias observed in postinfarction patients may be due to sinus node artery blockade.[1]


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