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Sick Sinus Syndrome

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Biological context of Sick Sinus Syndrome


Anatomical context of Sick Sinus Syndrome


Gene context of Sick Sinus Syndrome

  • There was no significant difference in plasma PF4 and beta thromboglobulin between patients with complete heart block and sick sinus syndrome in the corresponding pacing mode [23].
  • The criteria of EP30 < 3.0 microV and ED4 > 22 ms as atrial early potential gave a sensitivity of 76%, a specificity of 91%, a positive predictive value of 74% and a negative predictive value of 93% for identification of patients with sick sinus syndrome [24].
  • We describe the case of a 42-year-old woman with a rare combination of congenital pericardial absence, atrial septal defect within the fossa ovalis and sick sinus syndrome [22].
  • Two patients with sick sinus syndrome were temporarily paced using APC Devices pacemaker models EC 4542 and EV 4543 respectively, which showed transient increase (53% and 83% of the preset rate, respectively) in pacing rate [25].
  • This study examined the functions of the DDD/AMC mode in 12 patients with sick sinus syndrome (SSS; n = 10) or paroxysmal complete AVB (n = 2) [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sick Sinus Syndrome


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