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The isolation of plasma membrane from protoplasts of soybean suspension cultures.

A procedure for the isolation of plasma membranes from protoplasts of suspension-cultured soybean is described. Protoplasts were prepared by enzymic digestion of the cell wall and the plasma membrane was labelled with radioactive diazotized sulphanilic acid. The membrane systems from broken protoplasts were separated by continuous isopycnic sucrose gradient centrifugation. Radioactivity was localized in a band possessing a buoyant density of 1-14 g ml-1. The activities of NADPH- and NADH-cytochrome c reductase, fumarase, Mg2+-ATPase, IDPase and acid phosphodiesterase in the various regions of the density gradient were determined. A plasma membrane fraction was selected which was relatively uncontaminated with membranes derived from endoplasmic reticulum, tonoplasts and mitochondria. The results indicated that Mg2+-ATPase and possibly acid phosphodiesterase were associated with the plasma membrane.[1]


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