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Chromosomal aberration, mutation and morphological transformation of Syrian hamster embryonic cells after exposure to methylnitrosocyanamide.

Hamster embryonic fibroblasts were treated directly with various concentrations of methylnitrosocyanamide (MNC), a nitrosated product of methylguanidine (MG) or N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG). Then they were examined for chromosomal aberrations, morphological transformation and mutations resistant to 8-azaguanine (8AG) and 6-thioguanine (6TG). Direct treatment with 2 to 10 X 10(-6) M MNC caused a marked, dose-dependent appearance of 8AG- and 6TG-resistant mutations. The ability of MNC to induce mutations was similar to that of MNNG. Cultured embryonic fibroblasts in metaphase plates also showed a marked dose-dependent increase in chromosomal aberrations within 24 h after direct treatment with MNC or MNNG. Moreover, MNC and MNNG caused similar rates of morphological transformation.[1]


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