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Fatty acid synthesis in mitochondria of Euglena gracilis.

A malonyl-CoA-independent fatty acid synthetic system, different from the systems in other subcellular fractions, occurred in mitochondria of Euglena gracilis. The system had ability to synthesize fatty acids directly from acetyl-CoA as both primer and C2 donor using NADH as an electron donor. Fatty acids were synthesized by reversal of beta-oxidation with the exception that enoyl-CoA reductase functioned instead of acyl-CoA dehydrogenase in degradation system. A fairly high activity of enoyl-CoA reductase was found on various enoyl-CoA substrates (C4-C12) with NADH or NADPH. Three species of enoyl-CoA reductase, distinct from each other by their chain-length specificity, were found in Euglena mitochondria, and one of them was highly specific for crotonyl-CoA. It is also discussed that the mitochondrial fatty-acid synthetic system contributes to wax ester fermentation, the anaerobic energy-generating system found in the organism.[1]


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