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Evidence for neurotensin as a non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic neurotransmitter in guinea pig ileum.

Neurotensin is a 13-amino acid peptide that is widely distributed in central and peripheral tissues of various mammalian species. In peripheral tissues, the highest concentration of neurotensin-like immunoreactivity is found in the ileum, where it is present in endocrine-like cells and nerve fibres. The longitudinal smooth muscle layer of the guinea pig ileum, where neurotensin has both a direct relaxant and an indirect contractile action, has been used extensively as a biological assay system for neurotensin. We report here that the majority of specific 3H-neurotensin binding sites is present in the guinea pig ileum circular smooth muscle layer, which is known to be innervated by a large proportion of the ileal non-adrenergic inhibitory nerves. Neurotensin produces a dose-dependent, tetrodotoxin-resistant relaxation, whereas the relaxation produced by field stimulation of the inhibitory nerves is frequency-dependent and tetrodotoxin-sensitive. The calcium-dependent potassium channel blocker apamin inhibits both the neurotensin- and nerve stimulation-induced muscle relaxation. Incubation of the circular smooth muscle preparation with a neurotensin antiserum substantially inhibited the nerve stimulation-induced relaxation, indicating a direct relationship between the effects of neurotensin and of nerve stimulation.[1]


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