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Immunological characterization of the low molecular weight gag gene proteins p19 and p15 of human T-cell leukemia-lymphoma virus (HTLV) and demonstration of human natural antibodies to them.

Small molecular weight gag gene proteins p19 and p15 of human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV) were purified to homogeneity from density banded virus, using differential affinities to phosphocellulose at pH 7.9 and 6. 5. Using specific radioimmunoassays, p19 and p15 were shown to band with HTLV on sucrose gradients. These proteins were present only in HTLV-I and in cell lines expressing HTLV-I. They were not expressed in a B-cell line from patient CR, although his T cells were HTLV producers. No significant immunological cross-reactivity was detected between these proteins and HTLV-IIMo. P19 and p15 did not share any common antigenic determinants with each other or with HTLV p24 in competition radioimmunoassays. Sera of HTLV-positive leukemia-lymphoma patients and some of their relatives also had natural antibodies to p19 and p15.[1]


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