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Transcriptional and genetic analyses of the herpes simplex virus type 1 genome: coordinates 0.29 to 0.45.

We have constructed a map of the genes encoded by a 23,000-nucleotide-pair region of herpes simplex virus type 1. This region, defined by the three adjacent EcoRI fragments N (map coordinates 0.298 to 0.315), F (0.315 to 0.421), and M (0.421 to 0.448), has previously been shown by genetic analysis to contain the genes for thymidine kinase, nucleocapsid protein p40, glycoprotein B, DNA-binding protein, and DNA polymerase. We report the identification and mapping of RNAs defining 13 viral genes encoded by the region 0.298 to 0.448. The transcriptional pattern shows families of overlapping messages, similar to those observed in other regions of the viral genome. We also isolated mutants representing four distinct complementation groups and physically mapped several of the mutations to regions within EcoRI fragment F by marker rescue. Mutations representing complementation groups 1-9 (glycoprotein B), 1-1 (DNA-binding protein), and 1-3 (DNA polymerase) were mapped to coordinates 0.361 to 0.368 to 0.411, and 0.411 to 0.421, respectively. A fourth previously undefined complementation group was mapped to the region between glycoprotein B and DNA-binding protein. Comparing the transcription mapping with marker rescue data suggests that the genes for glycoprotein B, DNA-binding protein, DNA polymerase, and nucleocapsid protein p40 are expressed as 3.3-, 4.2-, 4.3- or 4.2- or both, and 2.4-kilobase mRNAs, respectively.[1]


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