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Multiple effects of interferon on myogenesis in chicken myoblast cultures.

Effects of chicken interferon on the differentiation of chicken skeletal muscle in vitro were examined. Continuous treatment of chicken myoblast culture with 200 IU/ml of interferon (10 IU/mg protein) resulted in significant inhibition of cell fusion and subsequent myotube formation. However, treatment of myoblast culture with 2 to 200 IU/ml of interferon increased activities of creatine kinase and myokinase in 4- or 6-day cultured muscle cells in a dose-dependent fashion. The effect of interferon on myokinase was less than on creatine kinase. Three-fold increase in creatine kinase activity induced by interferon was not accompanied by the accelerated transition of creatine kinase isozyme from BB- to MM-type. On the other hand, accumulation of acetylcholinesterase in interferon-treated cells at day 6 was suppressed to nearly half the level of control cells. Rates of actin and myosin synthesis in 4-day cultures estimated by pulse-labelling with [35S]methionine were also suppressed to 85% of control cultures. However, a proportion of 35S-labelled actin and myosin in labelled proteins associated with glycerinated cells was not changed by interferon treatment. These results indicate that partially purified interferon has multiple effects on the process of the myogenic differentiation of chicken myoblast in vitro.[1]


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