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Chicken ovalbumin gene fused to a herpes simplex virus alpha promoter and linked to a thymidine kinase gene is regulated like a viral gene.

We are describing a system for the introduction, selection, and expression of eucaryotic genes in higher eucaryotic cells. The carrier consisted of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) tk gene covalently linked to an HSV-1 alpha promoter directed away from the tk gene. In this study we fused to the alpha promoter the 5' transcribed noncoding sequences and the coding sequences of the chicken oviduct ovalbumin gene. Cells converted to the TK+ phenotype with this chimeric fragment produced an ovalbumin precursor which was processed and secreted into the extracellular fluid. The ovalbumin gene utilized the HSV-1 alpha promoter and was regulated as a viral gene inasmuch as inversion of the genomic DNA relative to the alpha promoter resulted in no ovalbumin synthesis, and production of ovalbumin was enhanced after superinfection with HSV-1. Synthesis of ovalbumin was not detected when cDNA was linked to the HSV-1 alpha promoter. The carrier system described in this study is suitable for introduction, selection, and expression of eucaryotic genes whose natural promoter is either weak or requires the presence of regulatory elements which may be absent from undifferentiated cells in culture.[1]


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