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Genetic control of the hexose phosphate transport system of Escherichia coli: mapping of deletion and insertion mutations in the uhp region.

The Escherichia coli transport system responsible for the accumulation of a number of sugar phosphates is encoded by the uhp region and is induced by external, but not intracellular, glucose 6-phosphate. To delineate the genetic organization of the uhp region, a total of 225 independent point, deletion, and transposon Tn10 insertion mutations were collected. Mutations conferring the Uhp-phenotype were obtained on the basis of their resistance to fosfomycin and their inability to use sugar phosphates as carbon source. Deletions of uhp sequences were obtained as a consequence of imprecise excision of Tn10 insertions located on either side of uhp. Conjugal crosses between these deletions and the point of insertion mutations allowed determination of the relative order of the uhp alleles and of the deletion endpoints. Specialized lambda transducing phages carrying a uhpT-lac operon fusion and various amounts of adjacent uhp material were isolated and used as genetic donors. Results from these crosses corroborated those obtained in the conjugal crosses. The locations of the mutant alleles were compared with the regulatory properties of Uhp+ revertants of these alleles. This comparison suggested the existence of at least three genes in which mutation yields the Uhp-phenotype. Mapping experiments were consistent with the gene order pyrE-gltS-uhpTRA-ilvB, where uhpT encodes the transport system and uhpR and uhpA are regulatory genes whose products are necessary for proper uhp regulation.[1]


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