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Salvage of ischemic myocardium by prostacyclin during experimental myocardial infarction.

The effects of prostacyclin (PGI2) on infarct size and regional myocardial blood flow were studied in 28 anesthetized dogs subjected to 5 hours of coronary occlusion. A region of myocardial hypoperfusion was defined by injection of dye into the left atrium just before sacrifice. Infarct size was determined by planimetry of left ventricular slices after incubation in triphenyl tetrazolium chloride. The animals received either PGI2 in Tris buffer solution (20 to 40 ng/kg per min, n = 14) or Tris buffer alone (control, n = 14) beginning 10 minutes after anterior descending coronary artery occlusion. During PGI2 infusion, mean arterial pressure decreased by 8%, but heart rate was unchanged. Infarct size was significantly less (p less than 0.005) in PGI2-treated dogs compared with the control group, both as percent of left ventricle (8.1 versus 17.7%) and as percent of the hypoperfused zone (39.8 versus 77.3%). No significant changes in regional myocardial blood flow occurred over the 5 hour infusion period in either group. Thus, under the conditions of this study, prostacyclin appeared to protect ischemic myocardium by a direct flow-independent mechanism.[1]


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