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Antigens specified by the Tla locus are expressed on the surface of murine Langerhans cells.

A monoclonal antibody against the murine thymus leukemia antigen TL, was employed to demonstrate the presence of the antigen on the surface of dendritic cells in murine epidermis of Tla-positive strains, B.10A and A.TH. Immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase staining of EDTA-separated epidermal sheets demonstrated dendritic cells with a distribution pattern and density comparable to that noted for anti-IAk staining. Tla-negative mouse strains such as A.TL, C3H/HeJ, and C57BL/6 did not show any staining of dendritic epidermal cells. Epidermal cell suspensions similarly contained 2-4% cells with discrete surface staining with anti-TL antibody. Capping was noted in these cells. Once again positive results were noted only in appropriate Tla-positive strains. Control staining was carried out in all cases on frozen sections of thymii from mice. Thymocytes in the cortical zones and some dendritic cells at the corticomedullary junction were stained. TL antigen in mouse appears to be analogous to T-6 antigen previously detected on human Langerhans cells.[1]


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