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Clinical features and results of management of superior vena cava syndrome secondary to lymphoma.

Thirty-six of 915 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presented with superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS). The histologic types associated with SVCS were diffuse large cell in 23 patients, lymphoblastic in 12, and follicular large cell in one patient. Radiotherapy alone appeared equal to chemotherapy alone or in combination with radiotherapy in achieving relief of SVCS symptoms. Chemotherapy alone or in combination with radiotherapy was superior to radiotherapy alone in prolonging relapse-free survival and overall survival. No differences in relapse-free survival and survival were found between the patients treated with chemotherapy alone and those treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the addition of radiotherapy appeared to prevent local relapses in the group with large-cell lymphoma. The presence of symptoms of involvement of other mediastinal structures such as dysphagia, hoarseness, or stridor ( DHS), a higher grade of intensity, and a shorter duration of symptoms (less than or equal to 2 weeks) appeared to adversely influence relapse-free survival and survival. The following conclusions were made: (1) a histologic diagnosis before the onset of treatment is desirable and feasible in patients presenting with SVCS except in those with severe respiratory distress, (2) both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are equally effective in alleviating the symptoms of SVCS, and (3) combined modality treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy results in a lower frequency of local relapses compared to chemotherapy alone but survival was similar in both groups.[1]


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