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Vena Cava, Superior

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Disease relevance of Vena Cava, Superior


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Chemical compound and disease context of Vena Cava, Superior


Biological context of Vena Cava, Superior


Anatomical context of Vena Cava, Superior


Associations of Vena Cava, Superior with chemical compounds

  • Bipolar electrodes were used to record from the atria and thoracic veins, including the vein of Marshall, four PVs, and the superior vena cava [20].
  • OBJECTIVES: To examine the hemodynamic effects of milrinone given prophylactically to very preterm infants at high risk of low superior vena cava (SVC) flow and to investigate the preliminary efficacy and safety of an optimal dose [21].
  • Doses of 15-40 mug/kg injected into the superior vena cava or the right atrium produced depression of the reflex responses in extensor and flexor alpha motoneurons after latent periods of 1-3 sec, while gamma activity was initially accelerated [22].
  • Infants (n = 42) with low superior vena cava (SVC) flow (<41 mL/kg/min) in the first 12 hours were randomly assigned to receive 10 mL/kg normal saline solution, followed by 10 microg/kg/minute of dobutamine or dopamine [23].
  • In the collateral system, the three agonists exhibited approximately 3-fold differences in their relative activities when administered by rapid injection into the superior vena cava, with PGD2 greater than PGF2 alpha greater than histamine [24].

Gene context of Vena Cava, Superior

  • PURPOSE: To identify prognostic or treatment factors influencing the response of superior vena cava obstruction (SVCO), time to SVCO recurrence, and overall survival of SCLC patients with SVCO at presentation; and to assess the role of retreatment in patients with SVCO at recurrent or persistent disease [25].
  • Recurrence of thymoma presenting as a superior vena cava syndrome [26].
  • The lead system included a dual-coil defibrillation lead (Endotak DSP, Guidant) with a distal right ventricular (RV) electrode and a proximal superior vena cava (SVC) electrode, a CS lead (Perimeter, Guidant), and a left pectoral cutaneous electrode (Can) [27].
  • Wilms tumor presenting as superior vena cava syndrome [28].
  • The defibrillation energy is delivered from the RV electrode to the superior vena cava (SVC) electrode and the metallic case (CAN) of the ICD [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vena Cava, Superior


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