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Genes affecting the regulation of SUC2 gene expression by glucose repression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with defects in sucrose or raffinose fermentation were isolated. In addition to mutations in the SUC2 structural gene for invertase, we recovered 18 recessive mutations that affected the regulation of invertase synthesis by glucose repression. These mutations included five new snf1 (sucrose nonfermenting) alleles and also defined five new complementation groups, designated snf2, snf3, snf4, snf5, and snf6. The snf2, snf4, and snf5 mutants produced little or no secreted invertase under derepressing conditions and were pleiotropically defective in galactose and glycerol utilization, which are both regulated by glucose repression. The snf6 mutant produced low levels of secreted invertase under derepressing conditions, and no pleiotropy was detected. The snf3 mutants derepressed secreted invertase to 10-35% the wild-type level but grew less well on sucrose than expected from their invertase activity; in addition, snf3 mutants synthesized some invertase under glucose-repressing conditions.--We examined the interactions between the different snf mutations and ssn6, a mutation causing constitutive (glucose-insensitive) high-level invertase synthesis that was previously isolated as a suppressor of snf1. The ssn6 mutation completely suppressed the defects in derepression of invertase conferred by snf1, snf3, snf4 and snf6, and each double mutant showed the constitutivity for invertase typical of ssn6 single mutants. In contrast, snf2 ssn6 and snf5 ssn6 strains produced only moderate levels of invertase under derepressing conditions and very low levels under repressing conditions. These findings suggest roles for the SNF1 through SNF6 and SSN6 genes in the regulation of SUC2 gene expression by glucose repression.[1]


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