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Studies on paragonimiasis: treatment with mebendazole, emetine with mebendazole and praziquantel.

One hundred cases of paragonimiasis from Saraburi province, Thailand were studied with respect to epidemiology, clinical manifestations, radiography and treatment. Highly endemic areas were Cha-om and Sum-pugpaew villages in Kang-koy district. The ratio of male to female was 48:52. Uncooked crabs and shrimps are the second intermediate hosts of Paragonimus. Hemoptysis and chronic cough were the main symptoms; with crepitations and rhonchi in both lungs. There was no specific changes in chest X-rays of the lungs, except in cases of hemoptysis where changes in pulmonary vessels were observed. Tomograms of the lungs provided 100% accuracy and confirmation of diagnosis of pulmonary paragonimiasis. Praziquantel 25 my/kg body weight three times a day for 2 days gave a cure rate of 90%, mebendazole plus emetine hydrochloride gave a cure rate of 70% and mebendazole alone was not effective.[1]


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