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DNA polymerases, deoxyribonucleases, and recombination during meiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

We utilized strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that exhibit high efficiency of synchrony of meiosis to examine several aspects of meiosis including sporulation, recombination, DNA synthesis, DNA polymerase I and II, and Mg2+-dependent alkaline DNases. The kinetics of commitment to intragenic recombination and sporulation are similar. The synthesis of DNA, as measured directly with diphenylamine, appears to precede the commitment to recombination. Both DNA polymerase I and II activities and total DNA-synthesizing activity in crude extracts increase two- to threefold before the beginning of meiotic DNA synthesis. Increases of 10- to 20-fold over mitotic levels are found for Mg2+-dependent alkaline DNase activity in crude extracts before and during the commitment to meiotic intragenic recombination. Of particular interest is the comparable increase in a nuclease under the control of the RAD52 gene; this enzyme has been identified by the use of antibody raised against a similar enzyme from Neurospora crassa. Since the RAD52 gene is essential for meiotic recombination, the nuclease is implicated in the high levels of recombination observed during meiosis. The effects observed in this report are meiosis specific since they are not observed in an alpha alpha strain.[1]


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