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Mutagen sensitivity of Drosophila melanogaster. VI. Evidence from the excision-defective mei-9AT1 mutant for the timing of DNA-repair activity during spermatogenesis.

The sex-linked recessive lethal test has been used to compare mutation induction by ethyl methanesulfonate and methyl methanesulfonate in spermatogenic stages of the DNA repair-deficient mei-9AT1 mutant and a repair-proficient control strain. For both agents, the data demonstrate that induced mutation rates are similar in both strains for the meiotic and post-meiotic broods. Conversely, for spermatogonial broods, the data indicate that the excision-deficient strain exhibits a 4-8 fold increase in induced mutation rate in comparison to the excision-proficient control strain. These experiments suggest that the low mutability of gonial cells normally observed for these agents is due to effective excision-repair processes which function until the commencement of meiosis. From alkylation mutagenesis experiments with repair-deficient E. coli strains, we note that the mei-9 strain exhibits pleiotropic mutant phenotypes very similar to those displayed by the uvr D mutant. By analogy with these studies, we speculate that mei-9, like uvr D, is deficient in a DNA unwinding protein.[1]


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