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Accumulation of a heat shock-like protein during differentiation of human erythroid cell line K562.

The human erythroid cell line K562 provides a model system for studying erythroid differentiation and eukaryotic gene regulation. These cells express glycophorin A, spectrin and i antigen. They accumulate embryonic and fetal haemoglobins on induction of erythroid differentiation with haemin, sodium butyrate or hydroxyurea. In the present study, the protein composition of K562 cells during haemin-mediated induction of erythroid maturation was analysed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Under conditions in which haemin did not effect cell viability and proliferation, a protein of approximately 70,000 molecular weight (MW) accumulated in the differentiated K562 cells. The accumulation appears to be due to an increase in the rate of RNA synthesis for this protein. The protein is related in sequence to a 70,000-MW heat shock protein. An antigenically related protein was also demonstrated in human bone marrow and accumulates at particular stages of human erythroid maturation.[1]


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