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Quantitative vitreous fluorophotometry in insulin-treated cystic fibrosis patients.

A series of 22 patients with cystic fibrosis ( CF) of similar clinical severity (9 with normal carbohydrate tolerance and 13 with insulin-treated fasting hyperglycemia) was examined with quantitative vitreous fluorophotometry. All of the CF patients studied had normal fundi on ophthalmoscopy, fundus photographs, and fluorescein angiography. Mean vitreous fluorescein concentration in the CF patients whose hyperglycemia was treated with insulin (11.79 ng/ml) was significantly higher than in CF patients with normal carbohydrate tolerance (6.98 ng/ml, P less than 0.005). Thus, CF patients with fasting hyperglycemia demonstrate a breakdown of the blood-retinal barrier. When CF patients with fasting hyperglycemia were compared with age- and sex-matched type I diabetics, there was no significant difference in mean vitreous fluorescein accumulation. Thus, breakdown of the blood-retinal barrier, one of the earliest detectable functional abnormalities that may be associated with the microangiopathy of diabetes mellitus, also occurs with equal frequency and severity in the diabetes secondary to pancreatic fibrosis associated with CF.[1]


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