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Simplified micropore filter assay of neutrophil migration using whole blood.

A new method of micropore filter assay of neutrophil migration requiring only 0.1 ml of whole blood is described and compared with the standard separated polymorphonuclear neutrophil micropore filter assay. Whole blood was added to the upper compartment of a modified Boyden chemotactic chamber, and the neutrophils were allowed to migrate into a cellulose nitrate micropore filter. Acetic acid was used to remove erythrocytes and hemoglobin from the filter. Neutrophil chemotaxis was performed with cells from 19 neonates and 34 adults. The mean neonatal PMN migration was 40% of the adult value (48.1 +/- 12.6 vs 96.8 +/- 16.8 micron) with the whole blood assay and 39% of the adult value (44.7 +/- 10.1 vs 72.9 +/- 22.2 micron) with the separated polymorphonuclear neutrophil assay. The whole blood micropore filter assay, a simple and reliable method of determining neutrophil migration, is especially useful in studying patients when there are difficulties in obtaining large blood samples, such as with neonates and young children.[1]


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