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Gene Review

NM  -  neutrophil migration

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: GP130, NCR
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Disease relevance of NM


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Chemical compound and disease context of NM


Biological context of NM

  • The results suggested that the decreased expression of GP130 in ejaculated spermatozoa could be associated with low sperm motility in asthenozoospermic men [18].
  • The inability of IL-12(-/-) mice to restrict the infection was not due to impairment of neutrophil migration, but correlated with decrease of phagocytosis, NO production, and microbicidal activities of their neutrophils, and with reduction of systemic IFN-gamma synthesis [1].
  • A statistically significant association of low HG (1 and 2) was found with DI of more than 1 (hyperdiploid), single copy of NM gene per haploid genome, and an LDH of less than 1500 IU/l (P value for each, < 0.001), factors that are associated with better prognosis [5].
  • Neutrophil migration inhibitory properties of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The role of fatty acid structure, metabolism, and possible second messenger systems [19].
  • Structural analysis of human neutrophil migration. Centriole, microtubule, and microfilament orientation and function during chemotaxis [20].

Anatomical context of NM


Associations of NM with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of NM

  • No evidence of neutrophil migration was observed towards purified complex derived from equine neutrophil elastase and the Spi 1 isoform of equine API, or to crude mixtures of porcine pancreatic elastase and unseparated equine API isoforms, although the same neutrophil preparations actively migrated towards zymosan activated plasma [30].
  • Sera obtained from patients with rheumatoid arthritis with evidence of circulating immune complexes were able to significantly inhibit neutrophil migration, indicating that this phenomenon may be a useful means for the detection of circulating immune complexes [31].
  • The results also suggest that neutrophil migration induced by KM+ involves binding to CXCR2 [32].

Enzymatic interactions of NM


Regulatory relationships of NM


Other interactions of NM

  • A-1-AT concentrations in the NM group were lower than in the BM group (P = 0.0002) and the TBM group (P = 0.0005) but did not differ from the concentrations in VM; those in the VM group were lower than in the BM group (P = 0.0001) and the TBM group (P = 0.003) but no difference was found between the BM and TBM groups [4].
  • Further analysis showed that this antibody recognized CD47, a ubiquitously expressed plasma membrane protein previously implicated in integrin function, host defense action, and neutrophil migration [39].
  • We recently reported that heme is a proinflammatory molecule, able to induce neutrophil migration, reactive oxygen species generation, and IL-8 expression [40].
  • TNF-alpha, a proinflammatory cytokine, initiates expression of endothelial cell surface adhesion molecules and neutrophil migration. p38, a member of the mitogen-activated protein kinases, plays an important role in mediating intracellular signal transduction in endotoxin-induced inflammatory responses [35].
  • Supernatants of the VEGF/VPF-treated HBMECs significantly increased neutrophil migration across the HBMEC monolayer compared with those of the untreated control [41].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NM


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