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Toxicologic studies of N-trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximide (captan): its metabolism by rat liver drug-metabolizing enzyme system.

The degree of toxicity caused in rats by captan (N-trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximide) administered intraperitoneally is greater than that induced by orally administered captan. With regard to its effect on the drug-metabolizing enzymes of rat liver, the activity of aniline hydroxylase and the level of cytochrome P-450 were found to decrease in the treated rats 24 h after a single oral dose (650 mg/kg). The loss was even greater in the animals receiving diethyl maleate 1 h prior to captan. Furthermore, usual increase in the activity of drug biotransformation enzymes seen after phenobarbital treatment appears to decrease in rats dosed with this funaicide. In vitro incubations of rat liver microsomes with captan resulted in a profound loss of cytochrome P-450 and the acitivty of benzphetamine N-demethylase as well as aniline hydroxylase. Although the inhibition of drug-metabolizing enzyme activity by captan was observed in microsomal incubations with or without NADPH, a detectable amount of carbonyl sulfide (COS) was found only in the incubations that contained captan plus NADPH. Carbonyl sulfide appears to arise from a captan-derived metabolite, thiophosgene (CSCl2), which decomposes to COS in aqueous solutions and in the presence of NADPH inhibits the activity of drug biotransformation enzymes.[1]


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