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Changes in hemolymph glucose, hepatopancreas glycogen, total carbohydrates, phosphorylase and amino transferases of sumithion-stressed freshwater rice-field crab (Oziotelphusa senex senex).

Adult crabs were exposed to 3 concentrations of sumithion with a control group over a 20-day period. Hemolymph glucose levels were monitored in each group over the course of the experiment. The group demonstrating the most acute and sustained hyperglycemia (2 ppm sumithion) was then analyzed, as also the controls for changes in hepatopancreas glycogen, total carbohydrates, phosphorylase and aminotransferases. Significant (P less than 0.001) depressions in hepatopancreas glycogen and total carbohydrates and elevations of phosphorylase and transaminases were observed in sumithion-stressed crabs when compared with controls. These changes are discussed with respect to gluconeogenesis and possible influences of hyperglycemic hormone, which is released into hemolymph of stressed crab.[1]


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