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The Greenville gastric bypass. Progress report at 3 years.

Two hundred and ten morbidly obese patients underwent a standardized gastric bypass procedure between February 1980 and November 1983. We conclude, based on 100% follow-up, that the operation is safe (operative mortality--1%, significant complications--10%) and effective (reoperation rate--4%). Only one patient failed to lose more than 25% of preoperative weight. The operation produced a mean weight loss in the group from 289 pounds (202-505) before surgery to 176 pounds (118-308) at 18 months after surgery. Stated as "per cent of ideal weight," patients lost from a preoperative mean of 214% (153-350) to 130% (88-189) at 18 months. Maximum weight loss was reached by 18 months after the procedure and was maintained during 36 months of observation in over 95% of patients. When patients were divided into four groups according to preoperative weight, weight loss occurred at a roughly similar rate, but heavier patients, although they lost more weight, plateaued at a higher weight than patients originally less obese. Striking and objective benefits were seen in patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and pulmonary insufficiency.[1]


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