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Mitochondrial and nuclear myxothiazol resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Mitochondrial and nuclear mutants resistant to myxothiazol were isolated and characterized. The mitochondrial mutants could be assigned to two loci, myx1 and myx2, by allelism tests. The two loci map in the box region, the split gene coding for apocytochrome b. Locus myx1 maps in the first exon (box4/5) whereas myx2 maps in the last exon (box6). The nuclear mutants could be divided into three groups: two groups of recessive mutations and one of dominant mutations. Respiration of isolated mitochondria from mitochondrial mutants is resistant to myxothiazol. These studies support the conclusion that myxothiazol is an inhibitor of the respiratory chain of yeast mitochondria. The site of action of myxothiazol is mitochondrial cytochrome b.[1]


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