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L-lysine epsilon-aminotransferase involved in cephamycin C synthesis in Streptomyces lactamdurans.

In Streptomyces lactamdurans, the precursor of the alpha-aminoadipoyl side-chain of cephamycin C is L-lysine. In this regard, streptomycetes differ strikingly from the fungi, which produce alpha-aminoadipic acid during the synthesis, rather than the breakdown, of L-lysine. Studies using a cell-free system showed that an aminoadipic acid. The product of this reaction was trapped and subsequently purified by ion-exchange chromatography. Thin-layer chromatography, spectrophotometry, and amino acid oxidase digestion studies identified the reaction product as L-1-piperideine-6-carboxylate, implying enzymatic removal of the epsilon amino group of L-lysine. This enzymatic activity (E.C.; L-lysine: 2-oxoglutarate 6-aminotransferase) is highly unusual and was previously conclusively demonstrated only in the genus Flavobacterium. In S. lactamdurans, the specific activity of this enzyme reaches a peak early in the fermentation (approximately 20 h) and decreases as the antibiotic begins to appear.[1]


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