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The repair-deficient mei-9 alpha Drosophila female potentiates chromosome loss induced in the parenteral genome by diethylnitrosamine.

Following matings of DEN-treated Xc2/BSYy+ males with repair-deficient mei-9 alpha females and ordinary females, significant increases in complete and partial sex chromosome loss as well as dramatic shifts in sex ratio were found with mei-9 alpha but not ordinary females. Accordingly, the mei-9 alpha female enhances the detection of chromosome lesions leading to chromosome loss induced in the male genome by DEN. To date, the 4 compounds tested in this way (DMN, DEN, MMS and procarbazine) exhibit strong potentiation of chromosome loss with mei-9 alpha females suggesting the possibility that a protocol involving treatment (or not) or Xc2/BSYy+ males mated with mei-9 alpha females may hold promise as an alternative to traditional tests for chromosome loss using repair-proficient females. Comparison with published translocation data on the 4 compounds indicated above suggests an overall greater sensitivity of the described mei-9 alpha chromosome-loss test compared with the traditional translocation test in the detection of chemically induced chromosome lesions.[1]


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