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HLA typing of cultured amniotic fluid cells.

HLA typing was performed on 18 cultures of human amniotic fluid cells using cytotoxicity and absorption technics. Confirmation of antigen assignments was obtained in nine of ten instances, where HLA typing also was performed on cord blood. Three major problems were encountered in performing these studies: (1) complement cytotoxicity, (2) false-positive reactions, and (3) false-negative reactions. False-positive and false-negative reactions occurred more frequently with sera defining HLA-B locus specificities than with sera defining HLA-A locus specificities. Absorption studies were helpful in making antigen assignments when false reactions occurred. Preliminary studies suggest that the frequency of false-positive reactions can be decreased by absorbing HLA typing sera with antigen-negative amniotic fluid cultured cells, buffy coat, or platelets. Accurate antigen assignment is difficult when parental HLA types are unavailable.[1]


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