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Fasciola hepatica: effects of diamfenetide free amine on in vitro physiology, biochemistry, and morphology.

Short-term (1-3 hr) incubations in vitro of immature and adult Fasciola hepatica with 10(-4) to 10(-5) M free amine of diamfenetide (DPT-FA) demonstrated a time/dose-dependent, irreversible paralysis that involved an increase in muscular tension and decrease in contraction amplitude. The following events occurred preceding or concomitant with the paralysis: influx of Na+, decrease in surface membrane potential, increase in wet weight, swellings on the ventral surface, and inhibition of 3-O-methyl glucose transport. These events were all consistent with a disturbance in surface membrane functions. The effects of DPT-FA were more severe in immature flukes (3-5 weeks postinfection) than adults which agrees with observed in vivo efficacy.[1]


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