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Selective effects of neonatal hypothyroidism on monoamine oxidase activities in the rat brain.

Hypothyroidism of mild intensity was obtained with prenatal and neonatal submission of Long-Evans rats to an iodide-rich diet. Chronic daily administration of methimazole to iodide-supplemented Long-Evans pups or to iodine-deprived Charles-River rats through the first 29-30 days of age provoked severe hypothyroidism. Monoamine oxidase type A (MAO-A) and not type B (MAO-B) activity was consistently, although slightly (by approximately 20%), increased in the hypothyroid brain. Triiodothyronine (T3)-induced hyperthyroidism did not affect MAO activity. Replacement therapy with T3 did not normalize MAO-A activity in hypothyroidism. Methimazole displayed a competitive and reversible in vitro inhibition of MAO-A but not MAO-B activity. Although this effect was obtained at concentrations far higher than those estimated to reach the brain after a single injection of the goiterogen, the occurrence of accumulation processes in the metabolism-deficient hypothyroid neonate rats cannot be excluded. Thus, MAO-A activity might be either directly depressed during the goiterogenic treatment, or increased as the result of some kind of rebound effect after interruption of methimazole administration.[1]


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