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Antitumor agents LIX: effects of quassinoids on protein synthesis of a number of murine tumors and normal cells.

The quassinoids (brusatol, bruceantin, bisbrusatolyl esters, and bisbruceantinyl esters of succinic and malonic acids) were observed not to be universal protein synthesis inhibitors. Rather, they were selective for both the types of cancers, e.g., P-388 lymphocytic leukemia, Ehrlich and hepatoma carcinoma and L-1210 lymphoid leukemia, as well as types of normal tissues (e.g., lymphocytes), in which they demonstrated protein synthesis inhibition. The data suggest that the observed difference in the magnitude of protein synthesis inhibition of two P-388 lymphocytic leukemia cell lines by the quassinoids was at the ribosomal levels, whereas the observed difference in normal livers from various strains of mice involve differences in cell membrane transport of the quassinoids into the various tissues. Detailed studies indicated that the mode of action of the quassinoids as protein synthesis inhibitors was identical in all of the cells where inhibition was observed; i.e., the elongation step of protein synthesis was blocked by the quassinoids. The data derived from assays for polyuridine-directed polyphenylalanine synthesis of isolated ribosomes demonstrated that the ID50 values obtained were consistent with the observed inhibition of whole cell protein synthesis inhibition for P-388 cells, as well as for BDF1 and DBA/2 liver cells. The ID50 values obtained from various cells, e.g., P-388 cells and normal liver, were all in the microM range and are consistent with previously published values for the quassinoids in the rabbit reticulocyte and yeast systems.[1]


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