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Adenine arabinoside therapy in HBsAg-positive chronic liver disease: a controlled study.

A controlled trial has been undertaken to evaluate adenine arabinoside in the treatment of hepatitis B surface antigen-positive chronic liver disease. Thirteen patients (7 hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase and hepatitis B e antigen-positive, 6 DNA polymerase negative and hepatitis B e antibody-positive) were treated with adenine arabinoside. Eleven comparable patients served as controls, and follow-up was for 6 mo. In the 7 hepatitis B e antigen-positive patients, adenine arabinoside produced a fall in DNA polymerase activity during treatment. When this effect was sustained, it was followed by a loss of e antigen (3 patients). Hepatitis B surface antigen concentrations and aspartate transaminase levels fell significantly at 6 mo (p less than 0.05) in the treated group compared with controls. In the hepatitis B e antibody-positive patients, adenine arabinoside treatment produced no significant change in hepatitis B surface antigen concentrations or aspartate transaminase levels at 6 mo as compared with controls. Adenine arabinoside would appear to reduce either transiently or permanently, hepatitis B virus replication, and it may therefore be useful in reducing the infectivity of some carriers of this virus. In the dose used, adenine arabinoside was ineffective in clearing hepatitis B surface antigen from the serum and eradicating hepatitis B virus from the liver, but combination with other antiviral or immunostimulant agents may enhance its therapeutic effectiveness.[1]


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