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Molecular cloning of TOL genes xylB and xylE in Escherichia coli.

The xylB and xylE genes in the TOL plasmid of Pseudomonas putida mt-2, which code for benzyl alcohol dehydrogenase and catechol 2,3-oxygenase, respectively, were cloned onto plasmid pBR322 in Escherichia coli for detailed mapping. The xylB gene was mapped in a 2.9-kilobase region within the BamHI BC fragment of pTN2, an in vivo RP4-TOL recombinant, whereas the xylE gene was mapped in a 1.8-kilobase region within the BamHI BD fragment. The directions of transcription of these genes were deduced from the expression of the cloned genes which had been ligated in orientations opposite pBR322 at its BamHI site within the tetracycline resistance gene. The xylB and xylE genes are inducible by a specific inducer of the TOL pathway genes in the RP4-TOL recombinant, whereas they are not inducible in the pBR322-TOL hybrids. The regulatory regions involved in expression of the xylB and xylE genes do not appear to be located in the vicinity of the structural genes. Catechol 2,3-oxygenase formed in E. coli carrying an xylE-containing plasmid is similar, or identical, to that formed in P. putida carrying the TOL plasmid.[1]


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