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A comparison of the effects of infection with Eimeria maxima and dietary restriction on weight gain, plasma metabolites and liver glycogen in the immature fowl, Gallus domesticus.

The effects of Eimeria maxima or restricted pair-feeding on weight gain, plasma concentrations of protein, glucose, free fatty acids (FFA) and uric acid and liver glycogen were compared in immature fowl. Food intake/kg body weight and weight gain decreased during the acute phase of infection (days 5-7) while weight loss was prolonged for an extra day compared with pair-fed birds. During recovery, food intake/kg body weight of infected birds was greater than that of non-infected controls but there was no evidence for an increase in growth rate compared with controls when body weight was considered. Growth rate of pair-fed birds was greater than that of infected birds during recovery, indicating their better use of ingested food. Liver glycogen and plasma protein concentration were decreased during the acute phase of infection but the concentrations of plasma glucose, free fatty acid (FFA) and uric acid were not affected. In pair-fed birds liver glycogen was depleted, concentrations of plasma glucose and uric acid decreased and FFA increased, and these changes persisted for the remainder of the experiment. The findings are similar to those in birds whose food has been withheld and were probably due to the pattern of food intake imposed by the experimental protocol. It is concluded that the metabolic differences between infected and pair-fed birds are of doubtful significance.[1]


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