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Antepartum evaluation of the high-risk fetus: problems and prospects.

The chief obstetrical problems encountered today in the prenatal evaluation of the high-risk fetus are presented. Advantages and pitfalls or recent techniques utilized in the management of the high-risk pregnancy are discussed. They include: a prenatal scoring system for identifying the high-risk population; examination of the karyotype of cells in amniotic fluid, and quantitation of alpha-fetoprotein levels in maternal plasma and amniotic fluid for the early prenatal detection of birth defects; ultrasonography for the intrauterine diagnosis of fetal growth retardation and assessment of fetal maturity; the use of maternal urinary estriol excretion, maternal plasma human placental lactogen levels and the oxytocin stress test for the early detection of fetal distress; estimation of fetal maturity by amniotic fluid analysis of lecithin or lecithin-sphingomyelin ratios, creatinine and Blue Nile fetal cell staining. Newer, still experimental, techniques (e.g., fatal breathing movements, fetoscopy, and dehydroepiandrosterone plasma clearance) are viewed in light of further possible decreases in maternal and perinatal mortality.[1]


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