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Metabolism of ochratoxin A by rats.

Albino rats were given ochratoxin A (6.6 mg/kg body weight) intraperitoneally or per os. Independent of route administration, 6% of a given dose was excreted as the toxin, 1 to 1.5% as (4R)-4-hydroxyochratoxin A, and 25 to 27% as ochratoxin alpha in the urine. The metabolite (4S)-4-hydroxyochratoxin A, which is formed by rat liver microsomes in the presence of NADPH, was not detected. Only traces of ochratoxins A and alpha were found in feces. Identical experiments were carried out with brown rats, since the Km value for the formation of the 4S epimer was considerably lower when brown rat microsomes were used. About the same ratios of metabolites and metabolite recoveries as those found for albino rats were found for brown rats. Brown rats were also given the two hydroxylated metabolites and ochratoxin alpha (0.66 mg/kg body weight) intraperitoneally. The three compounds were excreted in the urine; within 48 h, 90% recovery of ochratoxin alpha and 54 and 35%, respectively, of the 4R and 4S isomers were observed.[1]


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