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Antiobesity activity of pluronic L-101.

Pluronic L-101, a hydrophobic surface-active agent, was a potent in-vitro inhibitor of human pancreatic lipase. When administered as a 1 percent or 3 percent dietary admix to meal-fed rats, pluronic L-101 produced a significant and dose-dependent decrease in body-weight gain while not affecting food consumption. Excretion of dietary fat in the feces was enhanced significantly in a dose-dependent manner during pluronic L-101 treatment. Pluronic F-68, a hydrophilic surface-active agent which was a poor in-vitro inhibitor of human pancreatic lipase, did not produce decreases in body-weight gain or increase fecal-fat excretion in rats. The decreased body-weight gain produced by pluronic L-101 was reflected in a decreased percentage of carcass fat; the percentage of carcass protein was unchanged. Liver wet weight was reduced significantly only at the 3 percent pluronic L-101 level. Serum levels of cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose remained unchanged. During pluronic L-101 treatment no overt signs of toxicity were observed.[1]


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