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Prostate alpha-protein. Complete amino acid sequence of the component that inhibits nuclear retention of the androgen-receptor complex.

The amino acid sequence of Component I of alpha-protein, a glutamic acid-rich protein, is presented. Component I is a single chain polypeptide which consists of 88 amino acid residues with a molecular weight of 10,191. Component I has the amino acid composition Lys6, His, Arg2, Cys3, Asp5, Asn2, Thr3, Ser4, Glu13, Gln3, Pro3, Gly2, Ala6, Val9, Met4, Ile4, Leu8, Tyr6, Phe3, Trp, with serine and asparagine as NH2(-) and COOH-terminal amino acids, respectively. Automated sequences analysis of the whole protein, as well as characterization of the peptides obtained from trypsin, chymotrypsin, and staphylococcal protease digestion and cyanogen bromide treatment, led to the elucidation of the complete primary structure of this protein.[1]


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