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Prostaglandin synthesis in the endometrium of women with ovular dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

The endogenous concentrations of prostaglandins F2 alpha (PGF 2 alpha) and E (PGE) were measured during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle in the endometrium from 14 women with unexplained menorrhagia (measured menstrual blood loss in excess of 50 ml) and 15 women with normal menses (blood loss 50 ml or less). Although there was no significant difference in the PGF 2 alpha/PGE ratio between the two groups, this ratio was significantly lower in the endometrium from eight of the women whose blood loss exceeded 90 ml (p less than 0.05). There was a significant inverse correlation between the PGF 2 alpha/PGE ratio and blood loss (r = 0.36, p less than 0.025). The synthetic capacity of the endometrium was assessed by incubation of the tissue with 14C arachidonic acid. Endometria from nine women with unexplained menorrhagia synthesized more PGE2 than PGF 2 alpha, whereas the converse was true with 11 control endometria. Consequently the PGF2 alpha/PGE2 ratio was significantly reduced in the former group (p less than 0.025). Oestradiol-17 beta (200 microM) and to a greater extent 2 hydroxy oestradiol (200 microM) increased the total prostaglandin synthesis by the endometria, but did not significantly alter the PGF2 alpha/PGE2 ratio. These results suggest that excessive blood loss may be associated with a shift in the endometrial conversion of prostaglandin endoperoxide from PGF2 alpha to PGE2.[1]


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