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Anterior sacral meningocele: two case reports and discussion of surgical approach.

Virtually all patients with anterior sacral meningocele have a pelvic mass with symptoms and signs relating to pressure of the mass on adjacent structures. Constipation is a universal complaint; urinary incontinence is common. A headache often develoips when the patient stands, due to lowered spinal fluid pressure as the meningocele sac fills. A scimitar-shaped sacrum on anterioposterior plain roentgenograms of the spine is pathognomonic. The coccyx may be absent, and the lower sacral laminate may be absent or incomplete. Myelography confirms the diagnosis and should be done with large volumes of iophendylate in order to fill the sac. Only approximately 130 anterior sacral meningoceles have been reported in the literature. This article presents 2 more cases, both seen at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital. The surgical approach to both was through a sacral laminectomy; the communicating stalk was ligated and the meningocele was removed. One patient was 11 years old and had a large suprapubic pelvic mass found on routine examination. She is neurologically normal postoperatively. The other was 7 years old and had had fecal incontinence since birth. That incontinence is less severe postoperatively and the patient is neurologaically normal.[1]


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